Photos of Greek meeting

Conlcusion about our mobility in Greece (Written by German team)

After our visit to Thessaloniki in Greece we can draw a very positive conclusion. All the participants learned a lot about the Greek culture. Especially the history of Thessaloniki was really interesting and exciting for the international students from the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Italy and Germany. Moreover the „Flashmob“ for more tolerance and intercultural understanding was central issue of our week in Greece. During the days all the students learned about traditional Greek dances and songs. Together they practiced choreographies and dance steps as a preparation for our flash mob at Evosmos Square. The training lessons have been great fun for all of us. It was interesting to learn about Greek traditions and the close connection of Greek people to their own culture and traditions.

The performance at Evosmos Square was a great success. All our students danced and sang together and motivated some audience for participating, too.

The idea to cross borders between countries and to show more tolerance for others and their cultural identity was successful. The students felt like one team and haven ´t identified themselves no longer by their nationality but by the moment of tolerance and international belonging. It was a great experience for all of the participants and everyone enjoyed the amazing hospitality of the Greek team and the Greek host families.

Students and teachers learned how to be more tolerant and that it is worth it to be open-minded and interested in other cultures and traditions. We appreciate all the experiences and are thankful for this great intercultural exchange.