2nd day in Sciacca meeting (Face across sea)

A part of the program presented at Sciacca was called : «A face across the sea». Two adolescent refugees from Africa spoke during the presentation.



They spoke about their personal experiences about the difficulties they had since they were forced to leave their homeland due to war and poverty, until the moment when they alone, losing their families, were hosted by the Sciacca inhabitants. There, they met the humanity, the care and the love of the inhabitants. Their dignity and their narrations about their life were shocking. It was a presentation of the real life of the refugees. It became completely perceived by all with the help of the teachers of the Sciacca school.

Then, after being informed by the responsible organization who takes care of refugees, the students were asked to record in one word each, on the white paper that was on the wall, their feelings about the diversity and the refugee .

In addition, divided into two children from all countries present, they read “The rules of the travel” .They were rules that can protect  the refugees from different problems.

It was a very interesting activity,  that  moved, trouble and mobilized the students and teachers.

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