1st day in Sciacca meeting

Our adventure begins on Monday, the 12th November 2018, when, one by one our guest partners arrived in Sciacca.

Each group was met and the guest students were introduced to their host families who quickly took them home and got them settled in ‘Sicilian style’, good food, friendly hospitality.

The next day, Tuesday, all the students and teachers involved in the project met in the school’s main hall. Our headmistress, Ms. Giuseppa Diliberto, welcomed our guest partners wishing all the best for a profitable meeting, enjoyable activities and stimulating experiences.

Each school gave a presentation of their schools and the courses they offer and their participation in the European dimension.

Ms Katherine Mùnstermann then presented the project outlining its aims and objectives in the light of the development of more and more multicultural societies.

Following the presentation of the project the students began their first activity by creating an ‘Answer Garden’ inserting a word that conveys their personal idea of ‘diversity’. The word that the majority of students used to define diversity was ‘OPINION’.

At the end of this activity there was a break before leaving school to visit the Carnival Museum.

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