Experience Cultures and Enjoy Diversity

Temple and Enchanted Castle

On Wednesday afternoon our project started with its well-deserved name “Experience Cultures and Enjoy Diversity”

Our trip started at lunchtime on the grounds of our Italian partnership school. From there we were picked up by a bus which took us to the so called „Enchanted Castle“.

It’s a garden with an infinity of mysterious faces carved into the rock made with the unusual creativity of Filippo Bentivegna. A person who, for over 50 years, hadn’t done anything but sculpt and carve heads, creating more than three thousand faces, some perhaps resembling famous historical figures, others with wide-eyed expressions.

Our tour was meant to begin at the foot of a mountain which we were able to climb under perfect weather conditions. Our efforts were rewarded at the top of the mountain with a wonderful view of the sea and the city below. The view was breathtakingly beautiful!

We were surprised to find that our ascent was accompanied by group of music students from the same school.

They were singing Sicilian songs and made the ascent less hard for everyone. From very early on we were impressed by huge bits of rock in the shape of heads that had many versatile faces carved into the stone.

At one of the mountains highest points all students and teachers took a break when suddenly a young actress appeared behind us to perform the tale of Filippo Bentivegna with a short play. During this play everyone learned a lot about Filippo Bentivegna, his tremendous creativity and his hard work with creating more than 3000 heads of rock down to the smallest, detailed carvings.

The play was accompanied by music which was meant to help us listeners back shift in time and therefore served the purpose of a perfect foundation for the following task. The 3000 heads of rock show particular emotions and expressions. We realized that diversity can be portrayed with the illustration of emotions. The task was for everyone to find partner who was unknown to us, to look into each others eyes for five minutes and not to speak a single word.

There was a beautiful peace and silence at this historical place. Nobody was talking or gesticulating yet still so many emotions and information were exchanged.

Afterwards every participant was given the time to move around in between these impressive carvings. The stone grottos, which were built inside the mountain creating a sub terrestrial labyrinth, were particularly interesting for us students.

Our visit to the Enchanted Castle was topped off beautifully by a joint traditional Italian lunch.

After these wonderful impressions and emotions our further travels led us into the history of old Greece. Once again, we got onto the bus which took us to „Agrigento“ an important location for Greece in the antique.

At the foot of a mountain we could only guess which impressive buildings we were going to visit. We were right in the middle of an archeological site of old Greece. At this sight you can visit the biggest remaining temples of antique Greece. Even today it’s a symbol for greatness, power and a true treasure of cultural inheritance.

Today the temples are part of the UNESCO world heritage. We qiucly found out why they are some of the most important constructions of the world. Huge greek pillars emerge from the ground the left the most impressive moment when the sun went down.

As these beautiful pillars are a true image of the culture and history the greeks build these impressive pillars to honour their gods. We could learn many thinks about the religion in antique Greece by doing a guided tour.

Eventually we enjoyed a beautiful sunset which served perfectly as a motive for many amazing photographs.

Both trips were special in their own way.  They helped us to bring history alive and made sure the students could experience cultural diversity. 

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