2nd day in Uppsala meeting

The second day (Tuesday 5-2-2019) of meeting in “GRANBY SKOLAN” of Uppsala, Sweden. (Written by Greek team)

At 9:00 we meet students and teachers at Uppsala central Square. At start we took a memorial photo. Sweden teachers explained to us that we will see the most important monuments and sights of the city. They gave us a map and a questionnaire with which we would discover the city ourselves. The teachers were divided into groups and the students in their own groups and we started. 

The tour was wonderful. We first started from the city’s cathedral which was impressive. The music that we listened to, while we visited the temple, was a   terrific impression. Something we do not meet in Orthodox churches. It is an imposing and very handsome temple. We wanted to visit the museum of Gustav but it was closed for technical reasons. Coming past we passed the theater and then visited the University Library “CAROLINA REDIVIVA”, where we saw the silver Bible of 6th century.

We visited the historic University of Uppsala, one of the oldest in Northern Europe. It was a terrific impression that the building was preserved after about 500 years in operation. We ended up on the hill with the castle, where we met our pupils and together we ride on a sleigh in snow, with the help of Sweden colleagues.  In snowy Sweden, all of us love to play with the snow!

The tour ended with a local sweet and coffee or tea (“fika”). We returned to school. After eating in the school’s restaurant and tasting the wonderful Swedish tastes once again, we work with 3-D printing and programming robots. Students were especially gratified because they were engaged in Robotics that was of particular interest to them. We also found that every Swedish student had a computer or a tablet for use in class.

The lesson ended at 16:00. The experience of all day was unique.

We look forward to coming the next day to learn new things.

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