4rd day in Uppsala meeting

February 7th 2019

We arrived at the high school at 8.30 a.m and we all went to a cooking lesson. All various nationalities were there except the Swedish students. We divided the group into two. A Swedish cooking teacher wrote down on the board what we were going to do during three hours (the plan). First, we watched a video on « having fika ». It was  a very funny rap video.

Afterwards, we all put on our aprons. We were given a cooking recipe « baking of traditional fika ». The different nationalities were mixed and there was even a teachers’ group.

Everybody had a great time preparing the fika even if sometimes they had some difficulties understanding all the different steps of the recipe. By 12 O’clock we all finished and we sat down and ate our preparation with a cup of tea, coffee or water. The Swedish students joined us.

We then all set off to have lunch. Thursday is a particular day in the school where you traditionally eat pancakes and parsnip soup.

At 1 O’clock the coordinators gathered together to discuss the Erasmus timetable schedule until May. The other teachers were free.

At six in the evening we were all invited to the school in the cafeteria for the closing ceremony at the school cantine. When we arrived we were welcomed by the headmaster and the vice headmaster. The headmaster did a little speech and we all started eating a traditional Swedish meal. During the meal we were accompanied by a Swedish teacher who played the guitar. The Swedish teachers and students began singing «Vem kan segla » « »and then we all sang in English the same song « Who can sail ». Later on we all sang the following  song :«We are the world ».

Followed the Diplomas’ ceremony. Coordinators of the different countries were asked to come forward and they received the certificates of attendance. Afterwards we went to « Jalla » and the conference room. Almost all the students started singing and dancing songs from different origins. Others played ping pong. There was a bar where we were able to drink soft drinks and eat crisps. All things come to an end. At 9 O’clock we stopped dancing and time came to say goodbye to Swedish teachers.

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