Conclusion about our mobility to Sweden. (Written by German team)

In conclusion our mobility to Sweden has been a great experience not only for students but also for the participating teachers.

Our Swedish partners welcomed us in an amazing and hearty way.

And it really felt like meeting friends again.

The topic of our Sweden mobility was to find out about the diversity of teaching and learning methods.

Right in the beginning of our mobility we watched tiny recorded films about typical teaching and learning methods in the different countries of our project. It was interesting to get a closer look into the way of teaching and learning in other European countries.

Within the scope of this week the teachers also got the chance for team teaching lessons. Teacher taught together. They used Swedish, English and German and established intercultural and international learning in lessons. One of the highlights was to learn about the way to work with tablets in lessons.

So, the international students got the great chance to visit an IT – lesson at Gränbyskolan. They learned about programming and the skills to navigate robots. It has been an important learning process for all the students to work with new media as part of daily lessons at school. While programming they improved their media skills and learned about a modern way of learning and teaching.

Students and teachers really appreciated the possibility to learn about the variety of teaching and learning methods and the way students learn in an international exchange. They found out about similarities and differences in education in different European countries.

Additionally, the knowledge and the important experiences they made will be the basis for the development of teaching and learning processes at the other schools. The intercultural and European exchange has offered a positive reflection on lessons and teaching in general.

The longer our journey took the more our young students widened their horizons. They became more tolerant and open-minded and they really enjoyed the close contact to their host families. They improved their language skills and became more self-confident.

They more and more solved language problems and found ways to communicate with each other. Especially the Swedish host families have been very protective, and they helped with their hospitality to melt the ice quickly.  

All in all, the journey to Sweden was great fun for everyone. We got many chances to improve our intercultural knowledge about Sweden and all the other participating countries and culture. Especially for students it was an important possibility to widen their media competence and to get to know about other ways of learning at school.

It has been an amazing and very educational journey with ongoing experiences and friendships.

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