4rth day of Mobility in Lyceé L’Oustal, Montastruc-la-Conseillère (Written by Sweden team)

The fourth and last day started with that all students followed their hosts to their lessons, where they among other subjects experienced French and Biology. In Biology, the students learnt about the climate and they spoke about the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

After a short break, the students got to experience a much-appreciated lesson in sign language from a teacher who was deaf. He showed the power of sign language and how easy it is to understand one another even though the students were not talking to each other or speaking the same language. The students learnt phrases through sign language, but also what other countries look like in sign language.

Before lunch, each country assembled their students to conclude and evaluate the week, strengths and possibilities were discussed. The afternoon was free for the students, because of the farewell party in the evening.

In the evening, all students, hosts and teachers gathered in the school gym, where there was food. All students and teachers got their certificates of participation at the beginning of the party. The food was locally inspired. There were among other things sausages and mashed potatoes, which were cooked in the biggest saucepans that we have ever seen.

After dinner, there was a disco with music, a smoke machine and a laser show (!) All students (and some teachers) were dancing until they were sweaty. When the party was ending, everyone realised that it was the end of the week together and there were some tears and many kisses on the cheeks.

A week full of memories, thanks to everyone!

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