4rth day of Mobility in Thessaloniki (Written by Sweden team)

Thursday 3. 10. 2019

Erasmus Mobility program in Greece, Thessaloniki

The day has started at 8 o’clock in the morning when we woke up and we ate breakfast. We got prepared and at 9 o’clock we took a taxi and we went to ‘Eptapirgion’ which is the old fort of Thessaloniki. It took as about 25 minutes to be there and we were able to see the urban area of Thessaloniki and in particular the area of ‘Sikes’. After that we reached our destination about 10 minutes later which was the ‘Eptapirgion’. ‘Eptapirgion’ was built around the 315 BC and it is the old peripheral castle that surrounds the city. There the students had the chance to go through back in time and become familiar with the past of Thessaloniki. We talked about the different periods that took place in Thessaloniki, which were the Roman, the Byzantine, the Ottoman and the Hellenistic. The students were able to become familiar with the various conquers that conquered the city.

Students had the chance to go up the fort and take pictures and they were able to become aware of the historical past of Thessaloniki. On top of that, the students became aware of how the fort was used during the first and the Second World War as well as how it was used during the dictatorship that took place in Greece in 1968. Later on the students were able to discover the old city of Thessaloniki and take pictures in the narrow gabbled streets in ‘Ano poli’.  On top, of that they were able to have nice walk down to the city and go to different archeological sites like ‘Rotonda’, Galerius Arch, Kamara and White Tower.  At the end of this day, the students had about one hour free time to explore the area of ‘Navarinou’,which is the most lively area of the city center. After that, the students gathered outside the entrance of the White Tower where they were picked up by their bus. The teachers ate lunch in the city center and the had the chance to shop and become familiar with the city. Later on, the students took part in the farewell party that started at 20.00 until 23.30. During the party, the teachers of each country received their certificates of participation while they had a small farewell speech.

Tora: ‘The two good things about the Thursday in Thessaloniki: After the farewell party most of us Erasmus people stayed out a little longer in the city and hanged out one last time in the time square of Evosmos. Everybody was truly comfortable with each other after the week and many of us became really good friends. The second best things about the last day was when we were walking the narrow streets up in the hills/mountains where there was a beautiful view over the city. It was warm and nice and the houses were very pretty.’

P.S The most amazing part of that day was that the students showed an impressive interest in the archeological and historical past of the city by formulating questions to the guides and the teachers.

Swedish Report by Henrik, Zaine and George

Students: Tora, Oscar, Mike, Farina, Simon, Bawan, Olivia.

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