3rd day of Mobility in Thessaloniki (Written by Italian team)

The third day of activities was dedicated to important and interesting visits to the most emblematic places in the city of Thessaloniki, sites that recount its millennial history. Teachers and students met at 9 a.m. in front of the Archaeological Museum. The visit showed us the civilization of Macedonian Greece from the Paleolithic era until late antiquity. The exhibition of the ‘Gold of Macedon’ is of particular interest and aroused much admiration and curiosity among the students.

We then went on to visit the White Tower, universally known as the symbol of the city of Thessaloniki which, besides offering a spectacular view of the gulf, the promenade and much of the city, also gave us the possibility to learn about the history of the Macedonian capital in the modern and contemporary age. 

The tour continued with a visit to the church of Saint Sophia (Aghias Sofia), a splendid example of a ‘Basilica’ with five naves, built at the end of the seventh century. Worthy of note are the numerous icons and frescoes. 

The visit to the city, passing through the large, suggestive and lively Piazza Aristotele, ended at the archaeological site of the Roman Agorà, the administrative centre of ancient Thessaloniki since the second century A.D. 

A testimony of the palpitating and rich Roman domination which, thanks to the exhibits on display in the small museum, sheds light on a significant and lasting period of the city’s history. 

The youngsters showed great interest and curiosity and really appreciated the various visits. 

The teachers also experienced great satisfaction and   positively and favourably judged the choices and the preparatory work done by the Greek colleagues. 

At 2.00 pm students returned to Evosmos and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with their partners and their families. 

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