Report day 4 Mobility in Sekundarschule Horn-Bad Meinberg(Written by the Greek team)

We were picked up from Detmold by Helen this morning. Once again  we had the chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape until arriving in Horn. The entrance hall was under construction: students were supervising as the hall was turned into a theater. 

In the teachers meeting room we had a cup of coffee and then strolled through the workshop, where the last details for the presentation were being checked.

The presentation of the Building Bridges results started at 10:10 with Katherin calling each workshop on stage. The theme of every workshop was building bridges

The theater workshop produced a black theatre play :”the star community” 

The sociology workshop answered the question what culture is in its presentation, presented bridges (similarities) comparing each time two participating  countries. the presentation ended with a quiz played with the kohoot application. we had lots of fun answering the questions!

The Physical Education workshop formed acrobatical sights, monuments and historical places of the participating countries with the acrobatical formation of the student bodies! 

The Economics class presented their cooked dishes from the participating class. They explained how they cooked and what ingredients they used

The music workshop presented two songs that were accompanied by wooden rhythm sticks.

The technic workshop presented wooden bridges build together by each country with hosts

The english workshop presented poems. The students were anxious before the presentation but anxiety turned into satisfaction after the presentation. Bridges were once again built.

After the presentation the students went home to rest and prepare for the party and teacher went to the cafeteria to have lunch, for the last time together in Horn.

In the afternoon there was some free time. The greek team strolled through the street of Detmold.

At 18:10 Johannes picked us up. the main school hall was once again transformen again: a buffet, a dj stand colorful balloons and light around. Happy faces everywhere. The party started with the award of Souvenirs to the members of teachers teams. A Detmolder beer and a Hermann Monument brelock. Awards were also given to the three winners of the kahoot quiz. The party which was completely organized by students of the school was a complete success. Everybody danced and mingled both teacher and students. It was the highlight of a wonderful week where knowledge was  shared and gained, experiences with the german school system were made. Bridges were built that connected people from different countries.

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