Report Summary of Mobility in Sekundarschule Horn-Bad Meinberg(Written by the Netherlands team)

Overall impression of Mobility in Sekundarschule Horn-Bad Meinberg

During the week, the students have developed and dared to communicate and build bridges with students from other countries. We have observed the students engaging in active and enthusiastic exchanges across the language barriers. True friendships have been created between the students and their hosts during this mobility, and these friendships have constituted a strong foundation for building bridges. 

One of the overall activities during the week was for students to participate in workshops in techniques, home economics, physical education (P.E), English, theatre, music and GL. The students were divided into groups so that there was at least one from each country represented in all workshops except one (English). The students worked together for several days and this resulted in a presentation on Thursday. 

A powerful example of abridged differences was the black neon theatre performance. In this workshop the individual students were obscured from view, making it impossible to discern who was doing the individual movements of the act. The significance of different nationalities of the students was thereby temporarily erased during the performance. What we instead were allowed to witness was a display of the past, present and future of Europe, performed by european students working together. 

The workshops regarding food and different traditions allowed the students to gain experiences of each other through a different medium. These activities served both to broaden their knowledge of each other and dig deeper beneath the surface of cultures of the participating countries. A more tactile and physical expression of bridge building was performed in the P.E workshop. Here the students had to get close to each other and stretch the boundaries of their comfort zones in order to be able to complete the task. In contrast with the neon theatre, this workshop highlights each individual contributor to the whole and shows that we are working together to produce something that was more than the sum of its parts. 

The technique workshop utilized a similar aspect of bridge building, with the difference being that they produced a more permanent symbol of their team work, the literal construction of bridges. In the musical workshop the students were allowed to use a universal nonverbal language to express their emotions and collaboration and in the finishing poetry workshop we had the pleasure of experiencing the students while they performed their written expressions of friendship, unity and love.

In short, the mobility in Germany has provided many opportunities for the students to explore both their differences and their common traits. The activities during this week and the resulting friendships between the participant have contributed to a stronger sense of unity, and has most definitely resulted in the building of bridges.

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