3rd day in Sciacca meeting

Workshop on diversity and farewell party

At 08.30 am, we started working together in the school. The students worked together in international mixed groups, which our hosting school had arranged before the meeting. The students sat in their groups to listen to the instructions given by the Italian teachers. Each group got a different task, but all tasks were on the theme of the project; diversity. One group made a film, where they interviewed each other, one group recreated the life story of a young migrant, who we listened to the day before. Another group coloured the colours of the rainbow and wrote words that they associate with each colour on the theme diversity, another group wrote a short story and one group worked about “The Enchanted Castle”, which we visited the day before. After working together, the whole morning, the groups presented their work for each other and for all teachers. They did a great job and learnt a lot, not only about diversity but also about working together and communicating over a common task in a language that was no one’s first language.

The teachers also had a meeting in the afternoon to talk about upcoming tasks, trips and plan our project more in detail. We also talked about how we are dividing the tasks and the responsibilities.

In the evening, there was a farewell party for all students and teachers at a local pizzeria. It was great fun, but sad at the same time since our first project meeting was coming to an end after a great week with great sunny weather, lots of new friends and many new experiences. There was lots of food, music and dance. As dessert, there was a big Erasmus cake. A fun night together, that will be remembered.